Greenseal 100

Greenseal 100 is a cementitious waterproofing admixture, which is an integral part of concrete to through crystallization process when Greenseal 100’s chemical agents react with water, a non-soluble crystalline will then be generated throughout the capillary voids in the concrete. This crystalline is highly resistant to water, and it performs well even under extreme conditions such as pressures or aggressive chemicals. Cracks or voids up to a width of 0.5mm can be seal up anytime by using Greenseal 100, through crystallization process.


Grand Hyatt - Manilla

GS 100 Proj 1.jpg

Stratford Residence - Manilla (Tallest Building in Philippines)

GS 100 Proj 2.jpg

Serian Water Treatment Plant (Sealing of crackline with GS100)

GS 100 Proj 3.jpg

Menara Worldwide

GS 100 Proj 4.jpg

Project Cyprus

GS 100 Proj 5.jpg

SP Setia HQ

GS 100 Proj 6.jpg

Amphil Residence

GS 100 Proj 7.jpg

Menara ExxonMobil

GS 100 Proj 8.jpg

Great Eastern Mall

GS 100 Proj 9.jpg

Amaya Saujana Subang

GS 100 Proj 10.jpg

Water Permeability Test

GS 100 Test 1.jpg

Comprehensive Strength Test

GS 100 Test 2.jpg

GS 100 Test 3.jpg

Average Comprehensive Strength of 46.7N/m㎡ for Grade 40 Concrete

Coring Test Report by TY Lin

GS 100 Test 4.jpg


GS 100 Test 5.jpg


  • Greenseal 100 is non-toxic and is approved for potable water use.

  • High resistant to water pressures and aggressive chemicals.

  • GS 100 will seal Cracks or voids up to 0.5mm through crystallization process.

  • Can be used as an additive agent to cement grout and cement sand.

  • No special protective system is required.

  • Compressive strength does not change.    

  • Greenseal 100 through crystallization process is capable of protecting rebar from corrosion by surrounding the rebar with non-soluble crystal.

  • Safe for Designers.

GS 100 Ad 1.jpg

GS 100 Ad 2.jpg

Workability is Maintained

GS 100 Ad 3.jpg

GS 100 Ad 4.jpg

Flexibility for Mixing

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GS 100 Ad 7.jpg


  • ground or basement slab

  • Sewage tanks

  • portable water storage structures

  • Underground retaining walls

  • Foundations & basements

  • Concrete piers

  • Reservoirs

  • Dams

  • Water tanks

  • Swimming Pool

  • Concrete expose to sea water

  • Tunnels

GS 100 App 1.jpg

GS 100 App 2.jpg

GS 100 App 3.jpg

Before Concrete Casting:

GS 100 App 4.jpg

After Concrete Casting:

GS 100 App 5.jpg

GS 100 App 6.jpg

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