Greenseal Flexi 201

Greenseal Flexi 201 is a flexible cementitious waterproofing that consists of two components. It consists of Portland cement, and selected well graded sand, formulated with specially selected and graded fine quartz and high quality latex to create brushable, smooth slurry with excellent bond and adhesion to most substrates. It is suitable to be applied to concrete and mortar to prevent water infiltration by filling and sealing pores and voids or hair line cracks in substrates. However, it provides a breathable coating which allows water vapour transmission.



  • Applied directly to the concrete by brush.

  • Can be applied on damp surfaces.

  • Excellent adhesion bonds to porous and non-porous surfaces.

  • Non-toxic and is approved for potable water use.

  • Non-corrosive to steel and iron.

  • High resistance to carbon dioxide and chloride ion diffusion.

Product Properties

TestTest ResultStandard
Water Penetration0 mm (no water penetration)DIN 1048
ToxicityNon toxicBS 6920 : Part 1:2000 / SPAN
Compressive strength10.8 N/mm2ASTM C109-92
Adhesive strength1.1 N/mm2ASTM D4541
Tensile strength>1.5 N/mm2ASTM D412
Flexural strength-28 days8.2 N/mm2BS 4551:1998
Abrasion resistance1.52 g/h.m²ASTM D4060-84
Water vapour transmission1.02 g/h.m²ASTM E96
Elongation at break<150%ASTM D412
Crack BridgingNo Crack at 2mmASTM D836
Thickness of dry film> 1 mmGreenseal Laboratory


  • Flexible cementitious waterproofer suitable for:

  • Bathrooms

  • Wet Kitchens

  • Planter Boxes

  • Water Tanks

  • Toilet

  • Swimming Pools

  • Balconies

  • Retaining Wall

  • Fish Ponds

  • Concrete Gutter / Roofs

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