Greenseal 5000

Greenseal 5000 is a waterproofing system ideally used between slabs to protect them against the penetration and lateral movement of water. Greenseal 5000 waterproofing membrane is a cold applied, seamless, elastomeric single component moisture curing bitumen modified polyurethane, specially formulated for hand application by using squeeze or roller to vertical or horizontal surface. It should be applied directly from the container (liquid application). It is designed especially for use as a flexible continuous waterproofing membrane between two-course concrete, between masonry construction and bituminous toppings and also for exterior below grade waterproofing of masonry. Greenseal 5000 is supplied in 20 Litre Pail.


In-House Elongation Test

GS 5000 Test1.jpg

Result: Elongation at Break (800%)

GS 5000 Test2.jpg


  • Inherent membrane flexibility

    • Permits nominal expansion and contraction without losing bond to substrate

    • Durable and remains elastic at extreme temperatures 

  • Creates a seamless and continuous protective membrane

    • Effective water and vapour proofing system 

  • Chemically impervious barrier

    • Resistant to acids, alkalis and salts

    • Not susceptible to bacteria attack 

  • Wide range of curing temperature

    • From -4C to 82C

  • Irreversible chemical curing

    • Membrane remains intact after curing even when exposed to elevated temperatures 

  • Seal Crack

    • Prevents new concrete from cracking

    • Able to rehabilitate cracked surfaces by sealing cracks up to 2mm wide

  • Ease of application

    • No special tools or equipment required 

  • Anti Root

    • By forcing the root to travel elsewhere 

  • Prevent future root growth while effectively stopping infiltration.

  • High Elongation

    • 800%

  • Special Formulation

    • Formulated with Anti-Root for roof gardening and planter boxes+


  • Parking garages

  • Pools decks

  • Roof Top

  • Shower stalls

  • Mechanical rooms

  • Fountains

  • Bridges

  • Highways

  • Balconies

  • Below grade slabs

  • Culverts

  • Around drains

  • Dams

  • Reservoirs

  • Concrete tanks


GS 5000 App1.jpg

GS 5000 App2.jpg


  • 1st coat Greenseal 5000 Primer - 0.2L/㎡

  • 2nd coat Greenseal 5000 - 1.6L/㎡

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