Greenshield 108

Greenshield 108 is an excellent energy conserving elastic coating designed for roof, walls and substrates that requires heat reflective & waterproofing protection. Greenshield 108 is a “green” product that is eco-friendly and is safe for both the applicator and the environment. It is recommended for exterior use for all residential and commercial buildings. It is a water-based styrene acrylic co polymer resin system and filled with minute heat shield cells which act as a thermal resistant blanket covering the whole treated structure. Greenshield 108 is a heat reflective coating and when applied, the Ultraviolet and heat rays are reflected and emitted from the surface, reducing the thermal conductivity between the substrate and the coating. Hence, reducing the internal soffit temperature up to 10°C.


Singapore Projects - Sime Darby

GS 108 Pro 20.jpg

Singapore Projects - Building Cracked Wall

GS 108 Pro 1.jpg

Singapore Projects - Coating of Roof for Private House

GS 108 Pro 2.jpg

Singapore Projects - Coating of Roof for Industrial Factory

GS 108 Pro 3.jpg

Singapore Projects - Coating of Concrete Roof for HDB Flat

GS 108 Pro 4.jpg

Singapore Projects - Coating of Polycarbonate Roof

GS 108 Pro 5.jpg

Singapore Projects - Coating of Wall for Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School

GS 108 Pro 6.jpg

Malaysia Projects - Cyber Lodge at Zon Flagship Cyber Jaya

GS 108 Pro 7.jpg

Malaysia Projects - National Palace

GS 108 Pro 14.jpg

Malaysia Projects - Quill Capital Concrete Flat Roof at KL

GS 108 Pro 8.jpg

Malaysia Projects - Pantai Hospital Ampang

GS 108 Pro 18.jpg

Malaysia Projects - Coating of Roof for Toyota Show Room at Penang

GS 108 Pro 9.jpg

Malaysia Projects - Coating of Roof for Toyota Show Room at Kuching

GS 108 Pro 10.jpg

Malaysia Projects - Coating of Hard Rock Hotel at Penang

GS 108 Pro 11.jpg

Malaysia Project - Cerian Keria

GS 108 Pro 12.jpg

Malaysia Project - Bungalow at Sunway Damansara

GS 108 Pro 13.jpg

Malaysia Projects - Customized Brown Coating for The Mines, New Water

GS 108 Pro 15.jpg

Malaysia Projects - Customized Red Coating for Private Residential Estate

GS 108 Pro 16.jpg

Malaysia Projects - Sunway Rymba Hill

GS 108 Pro 17.jpg

Brunei Projects - PMO Surau Project

GS 108 Pro 19.jpg

Qatar Projects - Anglican Church at Doha

GS 108 Pro 21.jpg

Qatar Projects - Jotun Warehouse at Doha

GS 108 Pro 22.jpg

Environmental Friendly Label:

GS 108 Test 1.jpg

Thermal Conductivity Test - Conducted by PSB Singapore:

GS 108 Test 2.jpg

Result: K-Value: 0.01888 W/mºK

In-House Elongation Test:

GS 108 Test 3.jpg

Result: Elongation at Break (>300%)

GS 108 Test 4.jpg 

All in ONE solution with Greenshield 108

GS 108 Add 1.jpg

Temperature Test Under Sun with Thermometer for Metal Roof:

GS 108 Add 2.jpg

GS 108 Add 3.jpg


  • Heat reflection thus SAVING energy and electricity bills i.e. reduce air conditioner usage and prevent global warming. 

  • Waterproofing protection.

  • Self-seals any hairline cracks. 

  • Eco friendly product thus is safe for usage and helps in environmental protection.

  • Ultraviolet resistant.

  • Good elongation.

  • Good adhesion to variable substrates.

  • Non toxic and solvent free.

  • Aesthetically pleasing colour options.

  • Longer potential life-cycle due to less polymer degradation and thermal expansion due to lower temperature.

  • Cooler to the touch for better ergonomics.

  • Applied as is just like painting.

  • Long-lasting protection against algae, fungus and mould.

  • Excellent elasticity, durable and able to retain elasticity for many years.

  • Able to absorb thermal shock and vibration.

  • Excellent dirt pick-up resistance.

  • Ease of Application - Brush, roller or airless spray applied.


Greenshield 108 has many standard colours and colour shades which utilise a combination of IR-reflective pigments. This will exhibit a greater Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) than the exact same colour made with conventional pigments. Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) actually describes how much of the sun’s energy an object reflects.

When Greenshield 108 is applied on the surface, it helps to minimize the effects of the sun and improved the overall durability of the coatings as Greenshield 108 is a special weatherable formulation which can withstand the highest level of heat and chemical resistance over the years without significant degradation. This gives a long lasting effect, as its minute heat shield cells with infrared reflective pigment allows buildings to remain cool under the sun. Darker colours will give lower reflectivity only.


Heat reflective & waterproof coating for :

  • metal, clay or cement tile roof

  • old & new metal roofing sheets

  • old & new concrete roofs

  • concrete flat roofs

  • Polycarbonate roofing sheets

  • all kinds of wall

  • container office

Application for Greenshield 108

GS 108 App 1.jpg

GS 108 App 2.jpg

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