Multiseal 2000

Multiseal 2000 (MS2000) Liquid Applied Waterproof System is an essential integral part of your concrete. It not only enhances the hardness and strength of your concrete, concurrently it creates an interface that is,

- vapour proof,
- waterproof,
- oil proof,
- acid resistant
- chloride ion resistant and
- high in strength.

When concrete cures, fine capillaries are formed within. The formation of capillaries is inevitable in this process and it will render the concrete porous and weak. Hence, the necessity of applying sealants to these catastrophic voids to new or old concrete substrates can never be compromised!

When Multiseal 2000 is applied, it seeps its way down and through the voids (capillaries) in the concrete. Multiseal 2000 will then react at ambient temperature with free lime present in the concrete, forming non water soluble complexes of calcium silicate which are chemically resistant compounds. These compounds fill the porous surfaces and sub surfaces of the concrete, forming a breathing waterproof barrier up to 20 mm deep to prevent water leakage and the ingress of contaminants. Multiseal 2000 is supplied in 20 litre pail.

This highly effective penetrating waterproofing system shall protect the concrete from deterioration and maintain a seal in high thermal stress application, especially on large horizontal surfaces.


Quang Ngai Bridge - Vietnam

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  • Excellent asphalt adhesion 

    • Good for bridge deck applications where asphalt topping is normally required 

  • Increase concrete hardness and strength up to 35% 

    • Surface will not be worn down by heavy traffic, abrasion and thermal stress 

    • Maintain good tensile

    • Provide a dust free concrete and hardening effect

  • Seals Hair-line cracks up to 1mm 

    • By injection of Calcium Acetate. 

    • Waterproof cracks undergoing cyclical expansion and contraction with temperature change 

  • Continuous waterproofing activities 

    • Reseals shrinkage cracks as they form with time in the presence of water 

  • Major cost reduction 

    • Asphalt topping is no longer necessary (except for bridges) 

    • Eliminates maintenance cost completely 

    • Relatively cheaper than other forms of surface treatment 

    • Low consumption rate per area of application 

  • Eliminates surface problems like:

    • Surface scaling, caused by improper finishing and curing, free-thaw damage and application of salt for snow removal. 

    • Cracking, caused by thermal contraction, load on concrete and rapid water loss when concrete still at plastic stage. 

    • Dusting, caused by rain during finishing or too wet mix. 

    • Efflorescence, caused by water soluble salts from the soil or the environment travelling back into the concrete. 

    • Discolouration, caused by metal in the cement, aggregates, fast sets and sealants that changes colour, e.g. acrylic & silanes.

    • Penetrate deep into concrete to form gels and provide a strong waterproofing barrier.


  • Bridge Decks

  • Roof and car park roof

  • Car park flooring

  • Concrete wharf areas

  • Water proofing concrete floors and concrete blocks.

  • Plant floors, walkways and driveways

  • Concrete wharf areas.

  • Contraction and Expansion joint sealing for high traffic areas


  • 1 coat Multiseal 2000 - 0.2L/㎡

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