Greenseal Polyurea

“Greenseal Polyurea” is a very fast set, premium, 2-component 100% solids coating/ elastomer derived from a reaction of an Isocyanate Pre-Polymer and an Amine terminated resin blend. This general purpose Polyurea has been especially designed to protect and coat most surfaces. It is relatively insensitive to moisture and temperatures. This product reacts within seconds and once cured, leaves a flexible, durable, tough surface. It is extremely effective when used as a primary or secondary containment coating whether applied over concrete steel, earth or on geotextile fabric.

The “Greenseal Polyurea” material (available in 600ml cartridges) is a specially formulated system for repair and maintenance operations coated surfaces as well as for smaller applications (<20m2) and can now applied easily utilizing a standard 600ml pneumatic adhesives gun with a spray adapter used with a compressor that can guarantee 6-8 bar constant pressure.

Greenseal Foam Concrete is a light weight concrete block mix with Portland cement, water, chemical additives and foaming agent only. Greenseal foam concrete claim as lightest light weight concrete in the world.



  • King of Waterproofing

  • Extremely fast reactively and cure with no catalysts

  • Seamless and joint less coating and lining, maintains flexibility

  • 100% solids, no solvents, VOC-free, no odor, UV resistant

  • Resistant to most chemicals, solvents, acids and caustics

  • Excellent corrosion protection, low permeability, saltwater resistant, good outdoor weathering.

  • High impact & abrasion resistance, resilient, will not crack or check

  • Thermal stability, low temperature flexibility, takes high radiant heat

  • Excellent tensile and structural strength, high elongation at break. Super high tensile strength of 21MPA

  • Very good adhesion to concrete, steel, aluminum, plastics, fiberglass, wood, foams etc. Super high adhesion with substrate of 1.5N/m㎡

  • Almost immediate return to service time


  • Waterproof

  • Fire Resistance

  • High Thermal Insulation

  • Sound Resistance

  • Good Workability

  • Durability

  • Pest Resistance

  • Easy Construction

Problem With Normal Insulation:

Polyu Add 1.jpg

Greenseal Foam Concrete - Waterproofing

Polyu Add 2.jpg

Greenseal Foam Concrete - Fire Resistance

Polyu Add 3.jpg

Greenseal Foam Concrete - After Fire with 1200 Degree Celcius

Polyu Add 4.jpg

Normal Finishes vs Foam Concrete Finishes:

Polyu Add 5.jpg


  • Repair of existing coatings

  • Truck bed lining

  • Load areas on vehicles (inside & outside)

  • Loading ramps

  • Truck flooring and transporter flooring

  • Tank lining (inside and outside)

  • Corrosion protection, structural protection for hard wear and tear

  • Model building & prototyping

  • Underbody coating against stone chips

  • Corner protection and overhaul

Polyurea Application for Places where Removing Existing WP is not Feasible:

Polyu App 1.jpg

Greenseal Foam Concrete:

Polyu App 2.jpg

Mixing Process:

Polyu App 3.jpg

Cutting Process:

Polyu App 4.jpg

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