Greenseal Reinjectable

Greenseal Reinjectable is an advanced injection hose system designed for waterproofing construction joints in new and old structures, ready for subsequent injection of cementitious or polymeric compound to ensure water tightness. Greenseal Injection Tube is constructed from a specially formulated plastic with special slots which prevent the infiltration of concrete water and laitance during casting but open when internal pressure is applied. Penetrating water in a first phase “activates” the three exterior swellable surfaces of the injection tube. The resulting pressure forces the water to find a new and loner way through the structure due to a reduction of water pressure.

The unique hose has a solid red inner core with a longitudinal injection hole. Three moulded grooves run along its length with a number of 3mm diameter openings on each of them at 10mm staggered intervals.



  • Economical & simple Installation – allows testing for water leaks. Injection needs to take place only if the joint leaks. Avoids unnecessary injection. Adaptable to any form of structure and work cycle.

  • Hose is re-injectable – Permits re-injection if leakage persists or reappears at a later date.

  • Neoprene strips act as “one way valves”.
    Prevent injection material from returning even under back pressure. Solid inner core does not collaps under concrete pressure. Allows smooth flow of injected materials.

  • Chemically inerts – does not deteriorate even if exposed to such injection materials as polyurethanes, vinyls esters, epoxies and cements.


Greenseal Flex-Inject is recommended for use in construction joints in all structures as below:-

  • Water retaining structures

  • Concrete construction joints

  • Shotcrete interfaces

  • Water tanks

  • Bund walls

  • Pipe penetrations.

  • Tunnels and basements

  • Buildings, bridge decks and other similar structures.

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