Greenseal Injection Grout

Greenseal Injection Grout is SPECIALLY formulated for mortar/grouting in structural cracks and honeycomb concrete. It is cement based compound supplied in powder form and formulated form Portland cement, fine quartz sand, active chemicals and retarding agent which will not saponify under wet and alkaline conditions.

The chemical of Greenseal are capable of exchanging atom group with the nearby molecules in a similar way to ion exchange used in water softener and can in this way penetrate through the capillaries deep into the substrate and here they react as described above with the calcium oxides and hydroxides also popularly called ‘ Free Lime’

Structural cracks of concrete due to movement, which have settled since can also, be grouted with Greenseal injection grout. Cracks of 1/8 inches and above on wall that are leaking can also be grouted using the Greenseal Injection grout.

Greenseal Injection Grout is a high strength grout specially formulated for grouting purposes. Due to its non-shrink properties it will not shrink when grouted into the pores and capillaries of concrete. Greenseal Injection Grout is specially good for bonding physically and chemically in the capillaries of this cracks and honey combs in the concrete where it also expand and seals them.

Furthermore, there are chemical in the grout that will actually crystallize inside these pores and capillaries, thus making this area waterproofed. The Greenseal injection grout has good flow and will actually flow into the crevices wherever it has been grouted. This will ensure that all crevices and fine cracks are all sealed and water proofed.


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  • Seal cracks.

  • High Strength Grout

  • Crystallize inside the capillaries

  • Good Bonding

  • Waterproofing


Greenseal Injection Grout is suitable for:

  • Grouting for leakage area

  • Mortar for Honeycomb

  • Mortar for Angle Fillet

  • Structural Cracks

  • Expansion & construction joints

The Instruments Needed

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Pre Grouting

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GS 200 As The Reliable Leakage Detector

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Greenseal Injection Grout (The Crystalization Grouting)

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