Greenseal Flash Set

Greenseal Flash Set is a fast setting moisture proof (Water Plug) and cost saving hydraulic cement. It instantly and effectively stops water seepage and leakages throughout the concrete, masonry and applications that are under hydrostatic pressure. In addition, it is also a non-shrink, non-corrosive and anti rusting hydraulic cement which is extremely friendly to the environment where it is applied.



  • Fast – Setting time, within 1 minute

  • Stops – Plastic shrinkage, laitance and segregation.

  • Improves – Compressive strength, bond strength and tensile strength.

  • Withstand – Critical thermo cycles.

  • Prevents – Rust, water borne contaminants and unsightly vegetation like moss and lichen.

  • Lenghtens – Concrete lifespan.

  • Reduces Cost – By eliminating periodical maintenance and reconstruction cost.


  • Honeycombs, cracks and spalls

  • Anchoring bolts and conduits

  • Basement Walls

  • Manholes

  • Water Pipes and Sewerage

  • Seal leakage area

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